Perfect Pink Polka Dots

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Proverbs 14:23

I don't know why I haven't blogged up a storm lately. My riding partner has been extremely busy, working as hard as she can. I'm very proud of my Mom. She seems so much happier now that she has an opportunity to increase her income.

It's sad to me when people are the upset. Some people would rather sit at home with the give me hand. How about extending that hand to give to someone else? Every since I've made sure to pay my debts on time, God has opened doors so that I can pretty much get whatever I want. (Still working on the Porsche and Chanel bag)

Try God. Take advantage of the opportunities He has given you to earn income and provide. Seek out those opportunities. Make sure to give Him His percentage. I just started back tithing this month and I feel better already. Remember hard work brings profit but mere talk leads to poverty. Oh, and if you're not giving your tenth and able to provide for your house you're not working hard enough. Think bigger.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Natural Exudes Confidence

Let me begin by saying I am loving my finger twists. I am going to have to force myself to try other protective styles. My Wen and Sheamoisture curling smoothie are still working wonders for me. I never really feel like my hair looks bad. It gets a tad aggravating at times but I'm never disappointed with the end results.

Recently while visiting friends, I was told that one of them hated my two strand twists and the other disliked my afro. I thank God for the progress I've made. I didn't lash out at these people mainly out of respect but also because someone who would make those comments couldnt possibly understand the significance of my relaxerless journey.

This decision isn't only about convenience. It's about teaching my daughters that they're beautiful just as they are. They don't have to have Asiany or Caucasiany straight hair to be considered pretty. I also want them to be confident with their appearance and decisions.

It's A Girl!

I'm going to be an Auntie again. I'm so excited for my expecting friend that I can't contain it. We just found out that our new addition is a girl. Winter gets a playmate! Children are truly a blessing. While I was going through my pregnancy, almost alone, my friend Krista was there to listen to me cry, calm me down when I was angry and talk me out of something I would never done had I been thinking clearly. Now, I get to share in her joy. No one deserves the happiness a baby brings more than her. She always works hard to bring smiles to others faces. it's her turn. I can't wait to be an Auntie again! Now, to work on Trae. I just may have something in the making. ;)

Sleep Tight

One of my favorite friends called me this morning. She wanted my blog address. I figured since she was searching, I should begin writing. I made a conscious decision this weekend to be a woman of action. Everything in my life that isn't like I want it to be will be undergoing some changes.

To the dismay of my children, one of those things is the fact that they sleep with me. I get zero alone time, even in my sleep. This often leads to increased frustration. Everyone needs alone time, right? Therefore, I served them with eviction notices last night. Of course Miss Feisty Ania put up a fight but she managed to sleep alone. To my surprise Winnie Poo stayed in her crib from 10 pm until 230 am. I believe this is a sign of good things to come. I hope so anyway.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exhausted Mommy

Let me just begin by saying I'm exhausted as all right now. My girls are pampered princesses and require every ounce of my energy. A majority of the time I'm Mommy and Daddy. Like everything I do I give this job my all. Everyday, I reap the rewards. Today, I witnessed one of the sweetest things. In the middle of our nightly routine which is tv in my room, Winter reached out her hand. She gestured for her sister to come here and begin rubbing her face. Nia was excited and felt loved. I felt blessed that both of them are mine. Thank God that in the midst of everything, they are my sanity.


Someone approached me for advice and I hope I gave them the right advice. That person has been very responsible her entire adult life. Well, she has the opportunity to travel and possibly be on a tv show. Now, my advice is that she should go for it. Some of the most known people on television today have built their brand after appearing on reality tv. I'm not consigning Drake's YOLO. There are times that we must be more reserved. However, when I'm telling stories to my grandchildren, I want to have stories that will intrigue and surprise them. I've also been responsible my entire adult life. When my wave comes, I'm jumping in full force.

Prayer Request

Many times in my life, I've been placed in situations where I've had to learn the power of patience and persistent prayer. Right now, my best friend is facing one of the biggest trials he'll probably ever face. My stomach is in knots. If not for my faith in God, I would probably be at my breaking point. However, I know that all things work for the good and that God is a God of second chances. If you believe in prayer and its power, please say a prayer for my friend. Also pray that I find strength in patience. Peace and love!